Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Thursday: Spring Cleaning Organization Tips...

Alright ladies and gents, Lin, Meg and I are all set to go with another Random Thursday post topic - this one is seasonal!

Yet another area where I am no expert, I'm afraid. My house is a complete and utter disorganized tip. But I appreciate a good organizational scheme as well as the next girl, so here are a very few things that might help you out.
  • First of all, IKEA. That place is full of amazing ideas for using every single nook and cranny of space you've got. 
  • Find creative ways to re-use things. I keep empty glass jam jars to use for storing bulk food items or bathroom bits 'n' bobs. I also love tea tins (as I mention again below), and I use them to refill with loose tea or, once again, for storage. 
  • Walmart is another place to get great organizational items. I often use desk storage as bathroom organization. It's cheap and you can play around with what to use it for. 
  • Use unusable space. By that I mean areas you don't really think of as useful - like under the bed or those weird nooks and crannies in the backs of closets. You can get great tupperware bins for storing out-of-season clothing and bedding. 
  • Pinterest. 'Nuff said.
  • Not exactly organizational, but I loved this article on easy DIY projects.
And for good measure, here are some photos that I wish I could create in my house:

I'm really into tea. I often buy it just because I like the tin 
it comes in. So I love these display shelves.

If my kitchen were this organized, I might actually cook.

Bonus: If you click on the image it takes you to an article 
of great organizational tips!

I'm sure that was totally not useful, since my idea of home organization is the stuff everyone knows, but maybe there was something interesting in one of the links! One-up me and link up below:


  1. I love Ikea, I always buy some storage items there. I am definitely not an organization expert either.

  2. Oh man, Id love to be as organized as the homes in those pictures. Youve seen, I still have boxes of books taking up room in the living room haha.

    Ikea is the fucking best store ever! Well, aside from Target, of course.

  3. I wish we had an ikea! the closest might be Montreal?
    I wish I took my own advice but my house is a disorganized disaster.


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