Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday 13 - Things to do on a Saturday

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  1. Sleep in!
  2. Wear pyjamas until it's officially the PM
  3. Grab a coffee and wander down a cool shopping street (like we did on Main Street last weekend) to window shop - or, you know, shop
  4. Brunch. Late enough that you can have beer without being judged.
  5. Movie marathon. This kind of links up to #2 and is particularly good if it's raining. You will need: comfy flannel pjs, cosy blankets (I have these two great fleece ones that are HUGE - seriously, one easily wraps around two people), a purring kitty, at least three of your favourite movies (preferably a series or part of a theme), snacks and nothing else to do all day.
  6. Photo excursion! Pick a part of town, take cameras and wander about taking photos of everything.
  7. Nature walk. Best somewhere like Lynn Valley where there's a big park with a paved path and not too many people yet no one dropping trou and taking a dump in the bushes adjacent to the walkway (ah, Stanley Park...).
  8. Hit the beach! Okay, so it's Vancouver and you can only do this for about two weeks of the year without ending up very cold and/or wet, but during those brief sunny days everyone out there is just so damn happy it's contagious.
  9. Cuddle. Maybe not all day, but at least for the morning. Particularly if it's crappy weather outside. The best is when there's both of us and all three cats on the bed.
  10. Patio!!! Sun, beer, fries and people watching.
  11. Hit a local tourist spot. Sometimes it's fun to pretend you're just visiting for a day. I like the VAG and Grouse Mountain (though it's hella expensive).
  12. Farmer's Market - go pick out something yummy and local.
  13. Daytrip! Head somewhere you wouldn't normally take the time to get to - whether it's somewhere to shop, a park to visit, somewhere to go hiking or even heading out of town for the day.
Now I want it to be the weekend.

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