Friday, April 8, 2011

Fill in the _____ Friday

  1. Something that makes me a good friend is... my apple crumble. Also I'm loyal, comforting, have a good sense of humour and enjoy lively conversation. But mainly the crumble.
  2. I am... a dreamer, a vegetarian (mostly), a pessimist working towards becoming a cockeyed optimist, a perfectionist, a searcher, a traveler at heart, sarcastic, easily bored, a pack rat, crafty, a cuddler.
  3. I am not... fond of conflict or passive aggressive bs, good at math, a fan of major change in my life or housework, disciplined, good at using all the veggies in the fridge before they wilt.
  4. If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be... over-achiever (I'm counting that as one), affectionate, stubborn.
  5. Something I'm really cheap about is... clothes. I buy nice ones, but always on sale. I resent spending a small fortune on jeans.
  6. Something I'm willing to splurge on is... it changes - whatever my hobby or major interest is at any particular time.
  7. I would trade... all my books for... perfect health in a heartbeat.
Thanks to Lauren for the blanks!

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