Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wicked Wednesday - Sad Stuff on the Street

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Long-distance relationships are tough, as any of us who have ever misguidedly attempted one know. But, even more than regular relationships, they tend to develop their own little traditions and rituals - ways of surmounting the physical distance by sharing meaningfully meaningless things with one another.

This blog is a great example of one of these little traditions. Greg (San Francisco) and Sloane (New York) used to date. Greg started sending Sloane pictures of sad things he found on the street, and it soon evolved into a habit. When they split (as most long-distance relationships are doomed to do), they decided to evolve this tradition into a blog to help move from exes to friends and share their discoveries with the world. So they started Sad Stuff on the Street.

Now, if you're not as morbid or odd as I am and prefer to look at happy stuff left strewn about the city, there's no need to feel left out. In fact, you can send your pictures of happy urban shit to before next Wednesday and they'll add it to their Happy Stuff on the Street picture show.

Now go get sad. Or happy.

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