Friday, September 9, 2011

Fill in the _____ Friday

  1. Somewhere someone is... the happiest they've ever been.
  2. Great music, art, deeds and conversation ...are my muse.
  3. It would suck if... cheap, unlimited internet ...was no more because... there's so much you can do and learn with it! At this point I honestly don't think I could live without it.
  4. The quiet, empty office my favourite thing about today.
  5. Life is kind of like... a box of chocolates. Just kidding. It's a lot of waiting around punctuated by occasional feelings of accomplishment.
  6. If I could have anything I wanted, I would want... to be healthy and happy... whatever that ends up looking like.
  7. A funny thing that happened the other day... hmmm. It hasn't been a particularly funny week. Probably something a cat did.
Thanks to Lauren at The Little Things We Do for the blanks!


  1. I like quiet empty offices. As nice as my office mate is, it's sooo much more fun without him there!

    Just stopping by for Fill in the Blank Friday!


  2. I always love working when I'm the office alone. I get a lot done when I'm on my own, not having to listen to people talk on the phone.

    Being healthy & happy are definitely how I'd like to end up too :) Stopping by from Lauren's blog.

  3. I think that's why I often work through everyone else's lunch hours and take a late one - that quite hour is often the most productive!

    Thanks for stopping by Sarah, and nice to see you again, Lin!

    xoxo M


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