Friday, December 28, 2012

Fill in the _____ Friday - Em & Lin's Version

There aren't any blanks on The Little Things We Do.... again. But because Lin and I really wanted to fill some in this week and have far too much time on our hands (even though it often doesn't feel like it), we decided to just bloody well make up our own. So here they are.

  1. The best Christmas present I got this year was... a soft kitty t-shirt.
  2. My best holiday moment was... sleeping in all week! Seriously.
  3. My worst holiday  moment was... trying to wrap plush toys for the kids. They should all be made square from now on.
  4. An important holiday lesson I learned for next year is... to take J.'s sister shopping with us - two hours, J.'s mom, dad and all the nephews taken care of. Don't tell me there's no such thing as Christmas magic! 
  5. My favourite holiday movies are... Love Actually, Bridget Jones, the Harry Potter movies and Die Hard.
  6. The best holiday tradition in my family is... I feel like this was really the first year for traditions for my little family, since we're in our own house this year and it is ours to make into a home! So, as of this year, I'm making watching Die Hard on Christmas day (or eve)  in front of a roaring fire with Christmas lights a tradition. Also going home for a nap in the afternoon between present opening in the morning and dinner in the evening. Such a good idea!
  7. My #1 holiday family survival tip is... avoid them as much as possible, and stock up on the booze.
That's it for our makeshift blanks! Here's hoping there are real ones next week!


  1. Ha ha, loved your #3. This year I started cheating by putting all the odd shaped presents into boxes and then wrapping the boxes. Take that, plush animal! ;-)

  2. I want a soft kitty shirt!!
    and also to see a picture of yours...


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