Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Thursday: All Things Christmas

Now that Christmas is less than a week away, Lin, Sarah and I are enjoying preparing for the holidays in our own special ways with:

We're going to share a little bit about what Christmas means to us - the traditions, decorations and, of course, treats we look forward to all year!

1. Granville Island Winter Ale

It's important to have a lot of alcohol around to help deal with the stress of the holidays. And this seasonal beer is worth waiting all year for. It's dark with a hint of malt that makes it a delicious experience. If you live somewhere that sells it, make sure to try some!

2. Christmas Lights

I love driving around at Christmas time, particularly in the sorts of neighbourhoods where you can tell they compete with their neighbours for the best light displays. As a kid I used to put on my pjs and winter boots and duffle coat and my mom would drive me around to look at the lights. There's just something about a house decked out in lights that makes it feel like Christmas. I also love indoor lights - I have been known to leave multi-coloured lights on the mantelpiece and bookcase all year 'round because they're so cosy!

3. Snow

Unfortunately, Vancouver weather rarely blesses us with snow actually ON Christmas day - at least, not for those of us who live at sea level (that picture was taken at the very beginning of a full-day snowstorm that culminated in slippery, sodden snow and streets turning into rivers). But it snowed yesterday for the first time, so I'm crossing my fingers it just might happen this year!

4. Chocolate! 

I love chocolates - particularly After Eights, Terry's Chocolate Oranges and Lindt Truffles. Mmm-mmm.

4. Red Flannel PJs

I LOVE flannel pyjamas. I wear them all year round instead of sweat pants or track pants when I want to be super comfy. But at Christmas time it's even better to be wearing bright red ones with a Christmas-y pattern - like penguins! (These are totally on my Xmas list!)

5. Fireplace, Stockings and Trees

I don't have any of this this year because we moved pretty recently and my Christmas stuff is still packed up in my Dad's basement. Also, cats. But hopefully we can figure it out next year!

6. Christmas movies

They don't have to be Christmas movies. They can be any movie with Christmas in them that makes me giggle and feel warm and fuzzy. Particularly Love Actually, Bridget Jones, and Harry Potter. 

Now it's your turn! Share your Christmas Traditions, quirks and treats with us and don't forget to link up below!

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  1. Driving around & looking at Christmas lights are my favorite thing to do around Christmastime. Since it never gets too cold around these parts I've never needed flannel pj's so I dont know the awesomeness of these. I know, I live such a sheltered life.

    That photo from Love Actually cracks me up!


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