Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

It's that time of the week again! Not sure if I'll make it to 10 this week because I'm super busy and important. Seriously people, I can't spend ALL my time entertaining you. Don't be selfish. Just kidding.

1. I am craving Starbucks every. single. day. It's like the Mondays just keep coming.

2. I don't know HOW I'm going to survive the Christmas TV hiatus. It's the worst time to stop providing us with new episodes of our favourite shows. It means we're stuck, you know, actually interacting with our families. And drinking a LOT. Don't blame me if several wars and a few small battles break out over the holidays.

3. I wish I liked eggnog, because in theory rum and eggnog is a wonderful Christmas tradition.

4. I'm sad because we can't afford to get many Christmas decorations this year, and I still haven't figured out how we can have a tree and still have our cats. Maybe next year.

5. Most of you won't know this, but I got married recently (while on a trip to Cuba. Don't feel left out - nobody knew.) So on Monday we had a big dinner with all the family to celebrate. I was super nervous, but it actually worked out pretty well! I grew up with just my parents, since they immigrated to Canada the year before I was born, so I've never had really big family gatherings. It's kind of nice having so many people who care about you in one room. Even if most of them are the other side of the family!

6. I'm taking nearly two weeks of leftover vacation days off over Christmas, but I'm still catching up on work from when I was away. So much to do! Don't know how I'm going to get through it all!

7. I need more feel-good Christmas movies to watch. Any suggestions?

8. It is COLD! We haven't got dry wood for our fireplace this year, so we're stuck trying to heat two levels with baseboard heaters, but only the rooms we're in because that shit's expensive. So we basically end up with two warm rooms and have to bundle up in slippers, sweaters (and if it gets any colder, toques) to scurry as fast as possible between heated rooms. And because it takes awhile to heat up the bathroom, getting out of the shower in the morning is excruciating.

9. SO MUCH CHOCOLATE!! I am justifying it with the extra energy my body must be expending to stay warm. It'll totally even out, right?

10. And some giggles:

1 comment:

  1. 1. Me too. Luckily my lil bro gave me a Starbucks GC for xmas :)
    2. This hiatus sucks big time. I turned on the tv hoping to have something to see last night...I was let down.
    3. I think this every damn year. Never tried it but never want to either cause it just sounds nasty.
    4. So it's true, cats really like getting in those trees?
    5. Big families (by blood, or not) can be a great thing. Sometimes.
    6. Lucky lucky girl. About the vacation that is.
    7. I got nothin...surprise surprise.
    8. Get some firewood asap! I know exactly what it's like to step out of a hot shower into a freezing room. Talk about getting a case of the shivers.
    9. Chocolate. *drool*
    10. Bahaha, that last photo is hilarious.


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