Friday, March 9, 2012

Fill in the _____ Friday

  1. My favourite room in my home is... my living room... because... it has the fireplace and the TV and the comfy chair - not to mention the Christmas lights! (Yes, all year. They're cosy. Don't judge.)
  2. My current decor style is... I'm sick of this question. Stop asking it. I don't have one - because I can't afford one.
  3. I wish I could redecorate... I don't know. I wouldn't mind a new couch and bed frame, but other than that I don't care much.
  4. My dream house absolutely has to have a... waterslide from the roof to a swimming pool in the back yard. Doesn't everyone's?
  5. One house item I am willing to splurge on is... the bed. Everything that goes on there is important.
  6. A decor trend I just don't "get" is... using the word "decor" without sarcasm.
  7. The aforementioned Christmas a little touch that makes my house feel like home.

Thanks as always to The Little Things We Do for the blanks! Head on over and join the fun!

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