Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

I'm not in a good mood today. Just thought I'd get that out there so there's no doubt. If it weren't illegal, I'd be going on a vandalistic rampage to let off steam. Instead, I'm here. You've been warned.

1. I hate public transit. There's this one bus driver who lets people keep getting on the bus until it's jam packed to the doors... then proceeds to say he's not going anywhere unless they can all fit behind the red line. There's this transit mentality where people won't get off a bus once they're on - regardless of whether the doors close or the driver wants them out of the doorway. But the driver either doesn't know or doesn't care about this rule. So instead of stopping them from getting on when it's starting to fill up, we sit there for 5 minutes with the extra ten people trying to squeeze everyone back and everyone else grumpily refusing to move. It's the most aggravating thing ever.

2. My boss is away. Seeing as this is the week after an event, the week of a big conference, a press conference for a charity marathon and the release of the US Surgeon General's report, it's pretty busy around here. I have so much to do that I can't even begin to figure out where to start. I am not enjoying work right now.

3. It's finally sunny, and I can't remember where I left my sunglasses.

4. On the plus side, my Hunter boots finally arrived! They're the right size and everything. And they got here just in time for a few days of torrential downpours and some snow last week. So there's that.

5. One of my co-workers shared this website with us today. It's the only thing stopping me from murdering someone.

6. If you're having a day like mine:

Remember - it could always be worse. You could be this girl.

7. I worked late last Friday and was the only one left in a three-floor, old, brick building with faulty wiring and odd noises. You may remember me mentioning that there is a weird zombie hatch in one of the upstairs bathrooms, but there is also a creepy basement with lots of random locked doors and complete locker/shower rooms. Overall, it's a terrifying place to be alone, even if it's not all dark and stormy and rainy out - which it was. According to one of my (somewhat cruel) colleagues, our office building not only feels creepy, but is actually haunted. It's on the tour of local haunted houses. It gets worse - it's haunted by the ghost of a little girl who was crushed by a bookcase in the basement while chasing her cat. She still wanders around looking for it. Even alive little girls are creepy - there's no way I'm ever working late again.

8. I may have to work on Saturday. Awesome.

9. I really, really, really want a vacation. I'm feeling completely burned out and disillusioned with everything. I just need a break.

10. Because I need a laugh, and I assume you do too:

Happy Tuesday, y'all. Here's hoping we all make it to Friday without snapping.


  1. 1. omg someone should have thrown a shoe at that driver. What a dick.
    2. We're so confusing. We bitch when we have nothing to do & bitch when we have too much to do. *sigh*
    3. It's just the universe being a punk again. You'll surely find them when it rains again.
    4. Yay!
    5. Holy hell, thanks for sharing that funny ass site. Hilarious! Just made my eye twitch a little better ;)
    6. Ha, what a moron. The look on her face is priceless & no lie, making me laugh more than when I accidently hit the hubs in the sack.
    7. I say you start carrying a gun. Oh wait, can you even carry a gun in Canada? Ok, grab a sling shot & lots of rocks.
    8. Sulk until then.
    9. Get out of my head dammit!
    10. Ha, I find nothing wrong with wearing pj's to Walmart. Hell, that's more clothes than many of the cashiers wear.

    Loved your 10. They really made my day better...I missed your posts :)

    1. I would throw things, but I might not get them back and/or I could get kicked off the bus, which would be even more annoying. This driver does the same thing every day. He actually made me get off once because one foot was over the line. Just for context, since I assume you haven't been on a Vancouver bus, the line is about a foot back from where you would even have a chance of obscuring the driver's vision. Most drivers take four or five people more than can fit behind the line. I really, really hate this guy.

      The universe IS being a punk again! It does that a lot.

      I actually don't know if I can carry a gun. Even if I could, though, it probably wouldn't help with the ghost, but would tempt me to shoot stupid people - and I'd end up in prison forever. Maybe not the best plan.

      I plan to sulk right up until I can go home and have a beer.

      I'll try to do better at posting - just for you! ;)


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