Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Reporting live from the snowy/sunny/windy/rainy metropolis of Vancouver... it's Ten on Tuesday!

1. I think that whoever devised daylight savings was an evil bastard. That is all.

2. We had a wind storm here yesterday which caused rain to hit at a 45 degree angle and parts of the city to lose power. Unfortunately not the part I work in (but magically leaving my house unaffected so that I could go home and watch TV).

3.  I have not been sleeping well. So add that to losing an hour and I'm running on about 5 hours - and that's only if you add up all the little chunks of about 20-30 minutes before I woke up inexplicably. I am not a cheerful person today.

4. So we use the space under our bed to store stuff, since I am a pack rat and we don't have enough closets. It almost never gets touched, but I decided that it was time to pull everything out, get rid of whatever we don't need, and clean under there. Sounds great in theory, but this strange urge to clean hit me at about 10 PM, which is far too late for cleaning - and for kicking up clouds of dust under your bed. Just a little tip from me to you.

5. One of my wonderful colleagues, Ceci, got me a peppermint mocha and chocolate banana muffin from Starbucks this morning, which pretty much made my week! Yum.

6. I've spent the last week working on a Kony 2012 blog post - I've published it and taken it down about 12 times because I keep thinking of other stuff to say, or coming across more info. It's getting to the point where I either have to stop trying to write about it, or just post what I have.

7. I work for a lung health organization, as some of you may know. So I'm particularly interested in the two class-action lawsuits that have been brought against Canada's three largest tobacco firms in a trial that started yesterday. The combined damages are over $27 billion and it's the largest civil lawsuit in Canada's history. Read more:
8.  It was International Women's Day last week. This is a very important day, and one that I think doesn't get enough attention (and is widely discounted and misunderstood). I wrote a blog post about it here - and if you haven't already, check out my post from 2011 (it has Daniel Craig in drag - need I say more?). I also came across a really interesting article on One's blog, that I think is worth taking a few minutes to read if you need some inspiration: An Ordinary Day with an Extraordinary Model

9. Because we all need something funny in our Ten on Tuesday:

10. After chatting with our intern, I've realized how much I miss the information I absorbed, seemingly by osmosis, in University. I also miss talking about social issues and current events at length with intelligent, enthusiastic people. Perhaps it's time to look into whether it's possible to do a Master's part time in night classes? Of course that would seriously impact my TV watching time, which would be a big problem.

Just four more days until the weekend!


  1. 1. Yes, yes they are. I blame the aliens.
    2. Lucky girl. It was like a gift from the heavens. Or aliens.
    3. My sleeping pattern has been so wacky lately so I can totally sympathize with you. Let's be cranky together :)
    4. No lie the other night at around 11pm I was so hyper that I was like "Hey, Ive got a great idea! Let's clean out all the shit in this room!" The hubs didnt care for my idea so he ignored me & turned out the lights. Punk.
    5. Not gonna lie, I'm both happy & jealous that you have a cool coworker that'll bring you Starbucks.
    6. I just ignored it. I'm a bad person like that haha.
    7. Wowza
    8. Loved that Daniel Craig video. Totally classic.
    9. Ha!
    10. I miss having real conversations w/people too. Most of the time I talk about celeb gossip/tv but I miss those intense social issues talks. Go you for wanting to go back to school! Study extra hard for me though cause there's no way in hell I'll ever go back.

    1. Clearly it's all the aliens. It's strange, isn't it, how guys complain about all the mess, but when you are ready to deal with it they're unenthusiastic just because they want their beauty sleep? Obviously they don't actually want tidy homes.

      I dunno if it makes you a bad person that you ignored the Kony thing - I feel like the issue is important, but the video/organization isn't necessarily one I'd support. There is a lot of grey area surrounding appropriate action in cases like this.

      I don't think I will go back to school - mainly because I can barely afford - well, life - nevermind university tuition, considering I'm already going to be paying off my undergrad for... EVER. So I'm reading Seymour Hersh instead.


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