Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Random Thursday: All Things Halloween

Time to get spooky with Random Thursday! Join Lin, Sarah and me to find out what Halloween is all about!

I'm heading off on vacation the day after Halloween this year, so I won't be going big because I'll be busy packing! However, here are some Halloweeny links and ideas for you!

1. Pixiwoo - Corpse Bride Tutorial

2. Awesome costumes!

3. Zombie car stickers (you can totally rock these year-round, btw).

4. Candy, candy, candy!

5. Awesome. I would totally do this if I had a kid. (Which is why I probably shouldn't have one.)

What do you love about Halloween? Did you turn your home into a creepy haunted house or come up with the world's best costume? Share and link up below!


  1. That girl is straight up talented. Wish I had the patience to actually do something like that. While watching it all I could think about was how much work it would be to take it all off haha. I'm a poor sport.

    That last photo is straight up classic. I dont care what anyone says, that's one kick ass parent.

    1. I remember how much of a pain it was when I was a lemur in a class play. That would be a nightmare.

      I know, right? The other parents might "tsk," but you KNOW your kid will grow up and be like, "yep, my parents were epic."

  2. Oh wow, I love Corpse Bride! This is awesome!

  3. Candy and awesome costumes are the best part of Halloween. As soon as I am done with the college thing I want to go all over the top with my costumes and plan it out. For the mean time I am stuck being whatever I happen to find at the very last minute.

    1. I gotta admit - while I totally appreciate the effort others put in, I'm more into admiring than creating! So take lots of pics for us when you do!


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