Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Still getting over being sick. Do not understand how the human body can produce so much mucus - nor do I understand why it would want to. Gross.


I miss lattes. Chamomile tea is not an appropriate drink for the first day back at work after a long weekend. Unfortunately, it's what I've got, because I'm trying to stop my body from producing even more mucus. Cos, you know, gross.

3. So. Much. To. Do. Who knew going on vacation would be so much damn work? I have so many errands to run, phone calls to make, things to remember to buy, things to remember to pack... and that's not even taking into account the tidying and organizing I need to do before we go so that the person staying in our house isn't appalled by our mess. By the time I'm actually on vacation, I'll need half of it just to recover from the stress of planning it.

4. Talking to insurance people on the phone is pretty pointless. They really should just have a recorded message that says "I don't know your medical history and I can't give you a definitive answer to any of your questions, so please refer back to the legal policy document that sent you here with thousands of questions in the first place."

5. Why are Tuesdays after a long weekend even worse than Mondays of a regular week? It's like my body spent the day rejecting work. Violently and painfully.

6. Grooooaaaaannnnnn.


I spent most of the day doing relatively mindless work, while simultaneously occupying my mind with fantasies of what I'd do if I suddenly became Bill Gates or IKEA rich. This is an ongoing fantasy that has become quite intricate. I have now added a zombie paintball course in the woods behind my imaginary estate. I'll tell you the whole plan sometime, but for now, that's really the highlight and all you need to know it's gonna be awesome.

8. Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that TV season is back?

9. Some people have WAY too much time on their hands.

It's important to have dreams.

Totally doing this next time I get an erroneous text.
The one who was waiting for the perfect man? 
Turned to dust.

Well if Apple Maps says it... must be true.
This is just 'cos I want everyone who says 
"YOLO" to be locked up. Forever.

Poor kid.
Fair point.
And that's it for another Tuesday!


  1. Ha ha, just love the cat as a doorhandle. Poor you, I hope you get well soon - well, you are well enough to go to work, but not well enough to drink coffee, so that means to me you are not well enough ;-) Can anyone get more wells into a sentence?!?
    Usually I hate talking to the insurance people too, but my last call to them was absolutely fabulous! They did what I wanted them to, and already on the next day. Score!

    1. Lol! Aw, you're so cute! Thanks - I'm definitely feeling much better this week! And I quite enjoyed the linguistic gymnastics that went into all those "wells"!
      I think you had the one good insurance experience EVER. Glad it worked out for someone, though!

  2. 1. Being sick sucks. Your body need to stop this asap.
    2. I'll take 2 lattes, please!
    5. Word.
    7. I've heard it and of course I love the idea. Not gonna lie, I'd be there ALL the time.
    9. So, I guess this is a bad time to tell you I'm starting up a fashion blog. Yep, it's true. Those times when I take forever to answer your msg, it's when I'm in the bathroom taking photos of myself in my awesome 9 yr old jeans & walmart top.
    10. Bahaha, thanks for the laugh!

    1. I'll buy an extra lottery ticket so that I can make it happen.... mostly just so you'll come up north and hang out. The being stupid rich part would just be a bonus.
      Oh, it would be okay if you did it. Because you'd do it ironically. Also you'd wear the same outfit every day, the only thing that would change would be your hair. And, if you'd recently received a package from me, your nail polish. So have at 'er. ;)


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