Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. The Halloween candy season has begun. (I may or may not be eating a mini Reese Peanut Butter Cup while typing this.)

We don't even have any absurdly large skirts to hide under.
It has been raining more or less for the last week. To put this in perspective, we've had an uncharacteristically warm summer - the most rain we've had since about July is maybe one or two days - and it was light rain. That NEVER happens in Vancouver. This weekend it was pouring down like it had been saving it up for months and decided to dump it all on us at once. It's been so long that I almost forgot how to deal with rain - it felt exceedingly weird putting on rain boots, a rain jacket and huddling under an umbrella. Me no likey.

3. Please don't leave me any comments about how it's so hot and sunny where you are that you're sweating and worried about a sunburn. You poor thing. At least your feet are dry.

4. What's with casing Jennifer Jason Leigh as Emily's mother on Revenge? I know she did some amazing roles back in the day, and is great at those gritty, depressing "realistic" characters - but she does not feel right for this part, and I'm finding her annoying. Here's hoping she doesn't get too much screen time.

Even the un-photoshopped side doesn't look 54.
Hollywood creeps me out. No one ever seems to age. I kind of get wanting to slow down the process, but at a certain point you just look wrong. Like Demi Moore - I'm pretty sure the woman's a witch. Or a very life-like robot.

6. If you're a makeup addict, you may want to avoid going into a MAC store because right now they're offering pre-ordering from their Christmas collection. It's beautiful.

7. I don't know if it's the weather, the shorter days, remnants of my cold or all the vaccines and tests I've had lately, but I could totally go for a nap right now.

8. Starbucks. That is all.

9. A friend of mine just added me on LinkedIn and I glanced at her page and noticed that she volunteered at a hospital as a "baby cuddler." Is that really a thing??

Yeah, pretty much. 
What I want to say to.... well, pretty much everyone today.
Oh, Ellen, you do make me laugh. 
Also? Very good point.


  1. Baby cuddler?? Is there really such a thing that is funny though. I also agree with you on the Starbucks. Oh starbucks that is all I can't think of right now.

    1. It is a thing... apparently for babies with fetal alcohol syndrome or who are suffering from drug withdrawal. Which is both really sad and really sweet, all at the same time.

      Yes, Starbucks is a wonderful thing!

  2. 1. I never buy Halloween candy until a few days before because we'll eat it all. Seriously, last year the hubs ate about 3 lbs of candy in 2 nights.
    2. Stop flaunting your cool weather in my face. Geez. *wipes sweat from her brow*
    3. Ohh...um, just skip #2.
    4. Me no likey. She sucks.
    5. Ew.
    7. I'm thinking about hiding out under my desk & taking a nap.
    8. Yes, pleas. A big one.
    9. It is a real thing & it's fabulous! You go in & 'cuddle' newborns that are sick or dont have parents that can do it. It's basically making sure the baby gets human contact every now & then.
    10. You canadians, you're so kind. Ok, maybe not so much with that second photo. However, I would like to play that game with a few people here at work.

    1. Apparently I missed the memo on being a kind Canadian. I glare and elbow people instead. Oh whatever, they TOTALLY deserve it.


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