Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Random Thursday: Top 5 Must-Read Blogs

Join Lin, Sarah and me for another week of Random Thursday! This week is all about blogs. We know you guys read at least one of ours regularly, since you're linking up (and thank you, thank you, thank you!), but we want to know: what other blogs can't you live without?

I don't read a lot of blogs, but the ones I do read regularly are awesome. You guys should totally check them out.

1. Linny's Vault
Lin asked that I portray her as Mila Kunis. Here you go, Lin.

Okay, so this is a bit predictable. But I absolutely LOVE Lin. I'm assuming most of you are right there with me, since you're part of this link-up! She's funny, witty, sarcastic and doesn't pull any punches. Not only that, but she's a great blog mentor - she has a couple of weekly link-ups you guys can join (Ten on Tuesday and Random Thursday), she spends a ton of time visiting other blogs and leaving awesome comments, which is actually how I "met" her, and she hosts regular blog swaps! Keep an eye on her - girl knows where it's at! Here's Lin (for reals this time):

2. The Bloggess

If you have never heard of The Bloggess (AKA Jenny Lawson) then I'm not even really sure you can call yourself a blogger. Seriously. I have never laughed so hard in my life as I have at some of her posts - my favourites are usually the transcriptions of conversations she has with her husband, Victor. But she does have a serious side. She suffers from anxiety disorder that often relegates her to the bathroom at events, and various other mental problems. She discusses the effect these have on her life openly and frankly, and her honesty makes me (and I assume many others) feel less alone on bad days. I absolutely adore this woman. She also published a book recently, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, which should go on your Christmas list!

3. David Thorne

I first came across this guy when everyone seemed to be talking about the Missing Missy post (if you've never read his blog before, start there). But once I started reading.... I just couldn't stop. Over the next week or so, I read the entire thing. Now, like much of the things I like, this isn't for everyone. I guarantee there's something on the blog to offend... well, pretty much everyone. Even me. (Warning: that Missy link has a few upsetting bits about injured cats in it - but the rest is so funny I'm willing to overlook them.) If you like very sarcastic, borderline (or overtly) offensive humour, you'll get a real kick out of this guy.

4. Lisa Eldridge

I've mentioned Lisa before in reference to her YouTube tutorials, but she also has an amazing blog as well that is full of tips, information and amazingly inspiring photos of celebrities and shoots she worked on. If you're at all interested in makeup, you have to check her out.

5. All of you guys!

I do my best to read and comment on every link up we get for Random Thursdays, and I've found several blogs that I absolutely love reading! So my #1 piece of advice if you're looking for some fresh reading is to click through the Random Thursday link-ups - I guarantee you'll find kindred spirits, thoughtful insights, and lots of giggles! We're so lucky to have such a fabulous group of bloggers join us every week!

And on that note - link up below!


  1. Lin is definitely the best =) Mila with glasses, that's how I'm going to picture her from now on ;-)
    I hereby want to hand my blogger paraphernalia back because I have not read the aforementioned blogs. Sadly, it must have been a case of mistaken identity. If you hold on to them for a minute, I will come back to pick them up after reading all of the other blogs you told us about ;-)

  2. I am so happy to be a part of the blog world! :)

  3. Damn, I gotta look in the mirror more often cause I tend to forget how hot I am. Almost like Mila Kunis kinda Thanks for putting me on your list, it totally makes me feel all happy on the inside. Also, kinda sucks cause now I'm missing you even more now. Hurry up & come back from vacation already!

    Ok, now I'm off to read David Thorne's blog :)


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