Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ten on Wednesday. Plus one.

1. There is absolutely no use in being sick if you can't take a sick day. No point whatsoever.

2. In related news, I might be dying. I was too sick yesterday to do my ten on actual Tuesday. I'm worse today, but it occurred to me that if I die, you'll all be sad I didn't do one last ten list. So here it is. My (possibly) dying words. You're welcome.

3. Tea is always too hot at the beginning and too cold at the end, but it's the only way to consume honey steadily without getting toothache.

4. Some days one box of Kleenex just isn't enough.

5. Elementary isn't as good as Sherlock. In case you were wondering.

6. I'm scared that if I blow my nose hard enough, it will turn inside out. This is a legitimate fear, people.

7. I've been watching Switched at Birth and a British show called Skins. The first one is very dramatic and makes me feel like my own fucked-up adolescence was positively uneventful. Wait, so does the second one. Only with better accents.

8. So I work with this awesome girl called Ceci. She makes me giggle on a daily basis (and I'm not, generally speaking, a giggler). Today she regailed me with a story about how she bailed on an escalator. The funny part was that she very vehemently insisted that she didn't fall DOWN the escalator. She bailed on it. She then proceeded to show me a picture of her falling in someone's backyard that a friend of hers had posted on FB because she didn't have a photo of the escalator bail. For some reason this entire exchange totally cracked me up.

9. Some decisions in life are truly agonizing. Like whether to buy that cute purse on eBay.

10. I wanted some funny pics about being sick. But surprisingly when you type "sick humour" in google, that is NOT what it finds for you. I now need to wash my eyes out with soap. So I'm going with some random humour instead.

11. How many Dayquils is it safe to take in an 8-hour work day? 10? 11? 38?

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