Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Random Thursday - Blogger Pet Peeves

TGIRT...Random Thursday, that is! Welcome to those of you joining us for the first time, and welcome back to our awesome regulars! Now it's time to hear what Lin, Sarah and I have to say on the topic of:

It might surprise those of you who know me (*ahem Lin*) that I don't have a huge list the length of my arm on this one. What can I say, I've been known to complain. A lot. But honestly I only follow a few favourite blogs and read those that are also participating in link-ups I'm part of - so I don't spend hours and hours on blogger getting annoyed at stuff. I do, however, have a few things to point out. This took some serious thought, though.

1. Captcha

I think that's what it's called. That thing that makes you type in a number and a bunch of random letters to prove you're not a robot before you post a comment. Not only is it really annoying, but it's racist against robots. Their comments count too, people.

2. When the comments link doesn't pop up an extra window

Most blogs are like this. It's so frustrating to have to scroll up to the post, read a few points, scroll down and comment, and repeat over and over again. Particularly for 10 on Tuesday. My memory just isn't that good. My blog probably does this too because I have no idea how to change it. Sorry everyone.

3. Grammatical and spelling errors

First off, everyone makes typos. I know that. I have probably made at least 5 in this post. Those are fine. But when I come across an entire blog that uses "then" when the author means "than" or "your" instead of "you're" I start to go a bit mental. Even if you *think* you know the rules, please review this cute, funny and easy to remember Oatmeal tutorial. For god's sake, people. This shit is not that complicated. There are 10-year-olds out there who get it.

I know as soon as I post this I'll suddenly think of 2 more things I wish I'd included, but those are the big ones. What are yours? Link up below to join in the bitch-fest!


  1. Captcha is very annoying because half the time I can't figure out what the darn letters and numbers are. They are so time consuming. The comments link popping up in an extra window that is something I have never thought about. I just realized how easy it is to type a comment and see the post at the same time. I think i will enable this feature on my blog but I am getting off topic here and I tend to do that a lot. Gramatical and spelling errors are also very distracting.

  2. You're so right about the grammar / spelling. I know that English is not my first language (and it's not easy), but even I can grasp the concept of they're / there / their, then / than, its / it's...

    I don't agree about the extra comment window, though - sometimes I have several windows open and then I don't know which window this comment box belongs too. I'd rather scroll!

  3. Oh crap, that totally reminds me that I still need to change up that comment box thing, haha.

    Grammatical errors, huh? How in the world can you stand to read my blog? I think I use WAY too many commas sometimes, haha.


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