Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random Thursday: Things I Love About Fall

Ready for another Thursday with Lin, Sarah and me? Here's this week's topic:

You might have noticed that the days have been getting shorter, the weather has been getting cooler, and, if you live on the west coast of Canada, that your socks are never really dry. That's right, it's officially fall. And with it comes some recognizable signs that the seasons have changed. Here are some of the less unpleasant things that spell out "fall" to me!

1. Rain boots and umbrellas.

It's wet here. You pretty much can't live here without them.

2. The colour orange.

Between pumpkins and leaves changing, this colour seems to be EVERYWHERE this month!

3. Slippers and blankets.

My new house is COLD. I've got these slippers from Mountain Equipment that are basically sleeping bags made into booties...can't live without them. J. also got me these HUGE fleece blankets for Christmas a few years ago, and I spend the winters wrapped up in them burrito-style. I have bad circulation. It's a matter of survival.

4. Hot drinks.

Anything from tea to hot chocolate to lattes - fall is all about anything that will warm me up!

5. Moisturizer.

Terrible circulation = very dry skin, so as soon as the leaves start to turn I stock up on moisturizer and lip balm. Seriously, I have like three different kinds of each on my desk and in my purse.

6. Scarves.

I LOVE scarves. Not only do they provide the opportunity to add a pop of colour to my otherwise denim, black and grey outfits, but they keep me warm and cosy and stop the wind from going down my neck.

That's about it for me! What are your favourite things about fall? And what can't you live without? Link up and share!


  1. Oh, I would love to have some pretty polka dot wellies (or rain boots, but wellies sounds somewhat cuter, doesn't it?)! So I probably should go shopping on Saturday, right? Thanks for the idea! =)

    1. You totally should. Polka dot wellies (and yes, it does sound cuter!) are practically a necessity. You know, along with Starbucks. You should probably get one of those while you're out too. ;) Happy shopping!

  2. Ohh I forgot about scarves! Then again I haven't worn one yet! Maybe next week so call will cool down a bit ... Until then no scarves! Great post!


  3. I need to get myself a pair of colorful rain boots. I saw the cutest black polka dot one's at Target last year & should have bought them :/


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