Friday, May 4, 2012

"Favourite Things" Blog Swap

So you'll all remember me mentioning the pure AWESOMENESS that is Lin from Linny's Vault. Well not only does she bring fun and giggles to the world of me on a weekly (if not daily) basis, but she also hosted this great blog swap - and I was lucky enough to be paired up with her! Her package arrived last week and man, do I feel spoiled! (Also sorry for the delay in posting - I couldn't find my camera charger so I couldn't get the photos out of my camera!)

The theme of the swap was "favourite things" - so we got to assemble a package with some of the little things in life that make us smile. Or get fatter. Or both. Lin sent me  a huge box full of all sorts of amazing stuff - some I'm familiar with, some I've never seen before.

Check it out:

My cat, Hera, decided to inspect the package. I'd like to think she was 
making sure there wasn't a bomb in it, but I suspect she just 
wanted to see if there were any cat treats.

 Yummy treats, an awesome two-layered cup so it won't leave water rings - 
and some silly putty from Rusty. Because he's awesome.

She even wrapped stuff - with ribbon! 

Here's everything - snacks, apricot face scrub, lip balm, moisturizer, an awesome 
striped tank top and bright socks, hand sanitizer (hello, my name is M, and I'm 
a germaphobe), hilarious movie, funky post-its, a beautiful notebook - and a 
Starbucks card! The lady knows me well...

This was the contents of the super cute makeup bag. I LOVE the nail polish colour, 
and the swallow earrings are so adorable! 

Needless to say, I was completely blown away, and am really excited to try the yummy treats! Head on over to her blog to check out some of the other swaps!

Thanks, Lin! :)


  1. That Pond's evening soothe looks like the perfect wipe to remove makeup at the end of the day.

    You received a great package from your swap partner!

    1. Yeah, refreshing and smells delicious! I certainly did - she spoiled me! (I'm eating gummy bears as I type...)

  2. Damn, I didnt think it was that many things haha. I'm glad you liked everything. I was kinda worried you'd be like 'ew, who would ever wear that color eye shadow?!' lol

    Thanks for being my swap buddy, I had a blast!

    1. OMG it was AWESOME! I loved everything you sent and had such a fabulous time putting together your swap package, too! I absolutely LOVED the eyeshadow - those are totally colours I can see myself wearing all the time! I also loved the swallow earrings - I have a thing for those birds. I can't wait for the next swap!

  3. I love doing swaps like this. It's so cool to see what other people love and to be able to share your own faves!

    1. I definitely agree. I had so much fun brainstorming stuff to send... though of course as soon as I put it in the mail I had 20 more good ideas! Guess I'll just have to save them for next time! ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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