Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I actually tidied my desk AND my computer files. I know, you're in shock. It's okay, so am I.

2. Despite the tidying (or possibly because of it) I still can't find anything.

3. It has been a heat wave in Vancouver the last few days. It went from gumboots with fleece socks weather to shorts and a t-shirt weather in the last week. Though I love bright weather, I'm not big on heat, and if it's this hot early on.... I'm a little nervous about the temperatures we're going to experience later in the summer.

4. My birthday is coming up. I don't even remember what it was like to be young and excited about getting older. These days it pretty much just makes me want to crawl under a rock with a case of beer.

5. I've recently discovered TweetDeck. I may actually use Twitter more now. Though probably not because I have trouble keeping my thoughts to 140 characters or less.

6. I can't think of anything I really want for my birthday. Of course as soon as it's over, I'll be FULL of ideas.

7. I'm very excited to go to this on the weekend:

8. Knowing I have a long weekend coming up is making this week last forever. And it's only Tuesday.

9. I haven't had a haircut in a year. I think it's time.

10. And just because it's awesome:

1 comment:

  1. 1. Very nice. Look at you being all clean & adult like. Go you.
    2. lmao the hubs always has the most difficult time finding anything after he cleans. It's like he's more organized when he's unorganized.
    3. Me too. I hate living in the desert. Thank goodness for air conditioning.
    4. Being young? Hm...I think I remember a bit about it.
    5. I'm always on Twitter. I think I have a problem.
    6. Story of my fucking life. This happens ever year.
    7. I need to see this cause the cast alone is fantastic.
    8. Waiting for your long weekend is the only thing that sucks about getting through the current week. I'm currently experiencing this.
    9. Me either! Then again I never really get my hair cut into a style, more like a trim. Are you gonna go short?
    10. Ha, that's so cool! I lack major creativity. Seriously I never have any cool ideas.


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