Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Worst. Headache. EVER.

2. I also may have carpal tunnel (sp?) because my wrist and thumb have been aching for days. Apparently typing makes it worse, so I hope you guys appreciate it.

3. Chapters has a 4 for 3 book and magazine sale goin' on, so if you're in Canada and love book shopping, now's a good time.

4. I spent a good chunk of time on the weekend cleaning the house - I even mopped the kitchen floor. I now remember why I don't do that.

5. Lin from Linny's Vault sent me this awesome bag for my birthday, along with this substitute for birthday cake. Totally made my week!

 I do. I really do.
 *Nom nom nom*

6. We've reverted from hot, sunny shorts weather on the weekend to rain boots and umbrellas. It's like we're back in February, and I'm not impressed. Quit messing with me! Pick a season and stick with it, already!

7. Nothing in the world beats drinking a Corona with a wedge of lime in the sunshine. Nothing.

8. I've really been digging working on my book blog, Backlist Books, lately. I even set up a twitter account for it (@backlist_books) and everything! It's always hard to tell if these spurts of excitement and motivation will last, but for now I'm rolling with it. Very excited to be reading again and looking forward to my stack of summer reading!

9. While setting up my Backlist Books Twitter account, I started following a bunch of book-related tweeters. One of them referred to a blog post about something called "hate-reading." I realized this is exactly what is keeping me going with Fifty Shades of Grey. I actually enjoy the satisfaction of it being even worse than I expected. Perversely, though it gets worse and worse, I do want to know what happens. What's the term for that?

10. Funny:

 This is pretty  much how my week is going so far.

 Oh, god, yes.


 If I ever had kids...

That's it for another week! Have a Corona for me. *cheers*


  1. 1. You & I were in the same damn boat. It was awful. Like traveling to Florida & chewing someone's face off kind of awful.
    2. It's a bitch to have it & ibuprofin will become your bff for sure.
    3. Lame. Only because I'm not in Canada.
    4. Have you ever noticed how much you sweat while mopping? It's tough work but a great workout.
    5. I really need to get myself one of those bags. Shoulve just bought 2 when I ordered yours. I'm a dork.
    6. Yuck. Only thing worse than hot weather is sporadic weather changes.
    7. On behalf of all Mexicans, you're welcome.
    8. I like it too.
    9. Just let me tell you the boring end already. Stop torturing yourself!
    10. Omg that last one is going to be my future kid for sure. I hope it comes out of the womb ready to make me breakfast.

  2. This is hilarious! Perfect way to start the day! Thanks for the laughs.


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